Project Experience

Problem solving at the facility, community, or national scale, requires a unique skill set. Substantial field and project experience, a willingness to learn from others and the capacity to build new expertise in response to the project’s requirements are evident in each solution.

Our planning projects were tasked with multiple challenges to evaluate, quantify or to estimate alternative solutions.

Our systems analysis includes a review of: service delivery, resources assessment, security, and safety, building plan, workforce training,  infrastructure sufficiency and compliance to regulations or standards. 

 The scope of our architectural design experience includes: regional land planning, regional infrastructure design, institutional campuses, subdivisions, commercial and recreational developments, and individual homes.

Indigenous Design Principals

Our design practices evolves projects  from a set of principles underlying and guiding the work,

The principals are informed by the study of traditional native structures, traditional community site design, the sustainability of available resources, and the symbolic meanings of home, community and the sanctity of place.

Sole Source Qualified

 Elizabeth Kay Haley LLC has a resume of “sole sourced” contracts executed under federal and tribal contracting provisions. The support and justification for the sole source procurements attested Elizabeth Kay Haley LLC, was uniquely qualified to execute projects for: the Navajo Nation, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Indian Health Service (IHS), and the Pueblo of Laguna. Each selection means meeting the project criteria with unique expertise as outlined in procurement policies.  

Our sole source qualified projects include several categories: Rural Education, Rural Community and Healthcare Facilities, Rural Housing Development, Historic Architecture and Cultural Preservation; Federal/Tribal Facility Assessment, Training Curriculum, and Technology Design. The firm has current projects in technology adapted for Land Trusts, Indian Land Tenure and Realty, and Resources Management.

Our client list  is composed of Federal and State  Agencies, Tribal Governments, non-profit entities, institutional clients and rural communities. We are selected to provide solutions to long-term, intractable issues.  The majority of sole source projects are with returning clients. These projects are often multi-task order and multi-year: policy studies, assessments and resulting development projects. 

Mission Statement

We seek collaborations with innovative and  visionary clients.

We produce beautiful, useful and  seamless solutions to long-term, intractable issues.

We believe great projects are built on  data-driven planning and design activities.

We admire indigenous individuals and institutions for their accomplishments and sense of community -attributes that command our respect.

We revere the knowledge, utility and beauty of indigenous design.

Lesson Statement

Community collaborators and clients build project support; community consensus builds projects. 

Moving from a condition of stasis to change creates consequences. Clients and shareholders must be kept  informed,  while moving from one system to another.

Commitment is required; results are possible at any funding level.

Talk is cheap; results are rare. Build it, demonstrate it or complete it.

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